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Tribeca supports annual #Click2Feed initiative to feed hungry cats and dogs


Kicking off on 3 December 2018, over 11 tons of dog and cat food will be donated to 40 animal charities across South Africa – with Tribeca Public Relations (Tribeca) doing its part to support Montego Pet Nutrition’s annual Click2Feed initiative.

The Click2Feed campaign aims to support and feed animals in need nationwide. The mechanic is simple: South Africans are invited to visit the Click2Feed website and click on an animal charity of choice. Montego then provides each charity with a meal for every click – allowing South Africans to help needy animals from their desks at work, at home, or via their mobile phones.

The 2017 campaign saw just over 23,000 meals being donated to various animal charities and the aim of the 2018 campaign was to feed even more hungry cats and dogs than ever before with the team setting out to double this.

“Until now, the Click2Feed initiative has been driven by Montego’s annual 20,000 meal donation, supplemented by the generosity of individuals donating extra amounts if they wanted to. In order to double the donations this year, we had to think BIG, which led to Tribeca suggesting we approach corporate sponsors,” says Shaun Demmer, account manager at Tribeca.

Tribeca managed to secure 11 generous corporate sponsors including ourselves, Internet Solutions, Westpack Pet Zone, Cat Box Pet Hyper, Crazy Pets, Market IQ, Animal Kingdom, Quarto Press, Chaos Theory, Popimedia and The Neighbourhood Creative. This means that the 2018 campaign has almost tripled the amount of food donated with exactly 63,717 meals made available for dogs and cats in need.